A Bit of History

By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #001

Hey friends,

This is officially the kick-off! the 1st issue!! I couldn’t be more excited to launch this weekly newsletter. I had been thinking about sharing my thoughts with the world for a long time and have finally decided on a format that wouldn’t overwhelm me in creating and wouldn’t take too much of your time, so here goes:

Who am I?

Well, just an average ordinary guy, but VERY inquisitive and on a mission of sharing good things around me.

While growing up, I could never stick to a hobby, sport, or activity for long. It wasn’t because I was lazy, but because I would get bored once I got the hang of things. This led me to take up multiple hobbies and activities and led me to a journey of discovering the secrets of Productivity and Time Management since I wanted to pursue multiple things together.

Over the last 20 years, I have gathered and applied this tremendous knowledge via self-discovery, research, and networking with successful people. I am lucky to be a corporate trainer in my day job so I can share this knowledge and help people achieve their potentials. In my personal time, I am a . I play 3 instruments, all self-taught (Guitar, Percussions, Keyboards), I build and collect Classic Cars (been doing so since I was in 9th grade), host a with my wife, mentor startups and entrepreneurs, do public speaking seminars, manage (video shoots and editing) and conduct free webinars to help everyone achieve the same level of efficiency and effectiveness in your lives.

The myth you believe

When I talk to people about Productivity and Time Management, most of them invariably say something close to the following:

“I have such a busy schedule and tasks that cannot be elimininated, that Time Management cannot work for me. I am already spending time the best I can”

This can’t be farther than truth. The biggest reason you are not able to make any significant change in your routine is because you have already decided that it can’t be changed. In reality, 24 hours are always enough for whatever you want to achieve, only if you know how to plan them! More on this later.

My favorite things this week

  1. Podcast: We released the 20th episode of our podcast with Samar Owais, a mompreneur who’s been running her business since she graduated. She shared very valuable information about the entrepreneurial mindset, and how people can start thinking about monetizing their talents and experience. Give it a listen! You can subscribe to the Podcast .
  2. Book: I recently finished reading by . The book highlights the contrasting concepts we learn in our education years with those in the corporate world. It’s a must-read book irrespective of the level and years of experience in your career and I’m sure it will give you a wakening and help you to fast track your career! I had a very interesting discussion on career success with Deepak on the . You can check it out if you like.
  3. Podcast: Listen to this short, 10 minutes podcast about . There are some great lessons and motivations in this episode. The Podcast “” gives short bursts of awesome content that you can play every morning and stay motivated and upbeat.

Quote of the week


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