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Quality vs Quantity

June 19, 2020.Newsletter

Quality vs Quantity By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #005 Hey friends, Haven't we all heard countless times since we were kids that "Quality is better than Quantity", and "Do 1 thing, but do it right!" and other stuff like this? It's not wrong actually. You do need to find your niche and get exceptionally well [...]

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How To Be Perfect

June 7, 2020.Newsletter

How To Be Perfect By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #004 Hey friends, Sorry to title today's issue like a clickbait, but hear me out. The point I want to make today is that it is extremely easy for us to fall prey to the illusion of perfection. There are hundreds of 'self-help' programs, books, podcasts, [...]

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The Secret

May 30, 2020.Newsletter

The Secret By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #003 Hey friends, Do you believe in the power of the Universe? Can you actually make things work out for you just by thinking about them? The Law of Attraction is a real thing! It means positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's [...]

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The Power of 1440

May 22, 2020.Newsletter

The Power of 1440 By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #002 Hey friends, Today I want to share with you a concept to change not only your own mindset about Time Management but also the people around you. The basic concept starts with a simple number 1440! What is 1440? Simply, it's the number of minutes [...]

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A Bit of History

May 13, 2020.Newsletter

A Bit of History By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #001 Hey friends, This is officially the kick-off! the 1st issue!! I couldn't be more excited to launch this weekly newsletter. I had been thinking about sharing my thoughts with the world for a long time and have finally decided on a format that wouldn't overwhelm [...]

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