Quality vs Quantity

By Farrukh Ahmed • Issue #005

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Haven’t we all heard countless times since we were kids that “Quality is better than Quantity”, and “Do 1 thing, but do it right!” and other stuff like this?

It’s not wrong actually. You do need to find your niche and get exceptionally well in it to be recognized as an expert in that area.

However, there is a technicality to it, which often acts as a barrier to achieving the level of competence you’re aiming for.

Quality is the goal, but it doesn’t come without Quantity!

This ties in very well with my last issue , and the message is simple. To achieve quality, you’ve got to practice, repeat, exercise, etc, etc a number of times (quantity).

If you’ve ever tried to learn to play a musical instrument, or play any sport or learn a new language, you would know that quality only comes after you have repeated the same boring scale patterns, or same shot or same 5 words hundreds of times till it becomes a part of your muscle and mental memory. People usually don’t see the ‘quantity’ of your efforts because you do it quietly, over countless nights, working in silence till you achieve quality.

Ever so often, we focus too much on quality and get stuck on running after perfection that we forget to execute, or get disheartened by our first, ‘ugly’ attempt and give up!

Self-criticism is good but it shouldn’t be a hurdle to progress. That’s where self-motivation comes in, where you set milestones for yourself and reward yourself when you achieve them. This keeps you going and reminds you that Quality is a measure of progress, rather than a static goal.

I would love to know what are you struggling with and if I can be of any help in identifying milestones in your journey to achieving quality, just reach out!

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This week on , we discuss Culture, it’s impact on the overall growth of the individual and organization, and how to use Culture to beat this terrible Pandemic. Our ongoing episodes will feature a guest specializing on a specific topic based on viewer comments, so I’d love it if you could head over the and comment on what you would like us to discuss next.

This week on , I interviewed the most well-known Tech Youtuber from the Middle East, Emkwan, with over 25 million views and 115,000 subscribers. We talked about success in social media content creation, his journey, and his advice for newcomers in this field. It’s a must check if you are thinking about content creation on any level.

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